Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well, It's about time!


Luckily, school is over in only two weeks (I'm freaking out a little over this) so I'm going to have some more time to post things soon! And I really hope I can start doing some fashion/beauty posts!

But right now, I have tests to study for and projects to complete so I'm going to share what I looked like at prom! After those posts about my promblems, I am happy to report that things went really well that night and I am beyond happy that I went with someone who is just a friend because it just made everything so much easier!

Going from the top down:

Hair- I am so glad that I went to a salon because I would never have been able to do this on my own. I'm not bad at doing hair but after months of nothing to work with (the pixie), I've lost some of my touch! ALSO, I HAVE A BOB... MEANING THAT I'VE OFFICIALLY GROWN OUT MY PIXIE! (that's another post I have to get around to— the long journey of growing out hair)

Makeup: on my eyes, I did a quick grey/brown smokey look with thin black liner on the top and I used MAC's Vegas Volt on my lips.  The lip collage of the color is from, an absolutely amazing beauty blog with a huge selection of drugstore and high end swatches and reviews. 

The Dress: I posted a picture of it in a previous post but this is me with it on! I decided not to go with the insane pink platforms because they made me too tall and I decided that it would be better to just return them and get my money back because everyone takes their shoes off pretty early at prom. Instead, I wore my sister's gold heels and while they were a half size too small— and because of that, very painful— I'm glad I made the last minute shoe switch.

I almost forgot to share my nails!! Because of the cliche prom theme "a night to remember", I did galaxy nails and I'm really happy with the way they came out! 

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