Friday, April 27, 2012


Woah. I have heard people talk about how stressful prom is but now that I'm a junior, I finally understand.

My dress and shoes were easy to find. I got my dress online fairly quickly and despite buying a different dress and going dress shopping with my mom about three times, that step was moderately stress free. To get my shoes, I brought my dress to the shoe department at Bloomingdale's and bought the first pair that I tried on.

These are them! I haven't finalized my accessories but I know that they will be gold and simple.

The only problem is that these are the only things that have been planned. For example, I don't have a date (and I've more or less given up on that hope) and tickets are only on sale next week. You want to know the saddest thing? I almost feel guilty about wanting a date. Maybe guilty isn't the best word... I feel like I'm betraying some false perception that people have of me. To give an example of that, a good friend of mine was shocked to hear that I want a date because I'm a feminist or something. Wow, really? 1. caring about gender equality doesn't make someone an aspiring cat lady or freak  and 2. I'm 17, it's prom, do the math. The way I wrote that brings up another problem— I'm too harsh. I am fully aware that I come off that way but I almost can't help it! ...Almost. Yes, I could stop sharing my opinions but what fun would that be? Maybe I won't get a date to prom because I like substantive discussion and I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in (or maybe that's totally not the reason) but at least I'm going to look great unique. I don't know where this is supposed to be going.

Also, no duh, I did my nails. I'm boring. Maybe that's why I don't have a date. And mom, if you're reading this, I don't want to go with one of your friends' sons.

Wondering why this picture is so much better than the other ones? It's because I got an iPhone!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More nails...

As my mom pointed out to me, the content on this blog is really getting bland. Yes, I love doing my nails but I would like to write something soon. Unfortunately, I will have to hold that off until after about a week into May when my important AP tests are done.

But for now, more nails! The first one I did for a friend and the second one is me.

Also, my birthday was dandy and my grandmother got me the red/orange pants that I wanted! So I guess this means that I can't say that I never get stuff from those wishlists....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pre-Blog Nails

Unfortunately, I started doing nail art before I started this blog so there are some cool designs that I've done that won't get their 15 minutes of fame. Luckily, I found pictures of two nail looks from before I started my blog! I'm not going to explain them. I'm tired.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preparing for a great birthday

This post is going to be very short but I wanted to share that I GOT MY LICENSE! and I painted festive (birthday) nails yesterday. 

So first, the nails. I've been digging Make My Day, which is a nail blog/artist/company thing (I honestly don't know what it is). The designs on the website are so interesting to look at and while I'm clearly not the best at designs that rely on being precise, I thought I would try one of the simpler designs.  

To complete the look, I started by painting my nails a very very very very light green (almost white) and then I went in with one color at a time to do the chevrons.

And my license— the test went surprisingly well! It was my second attempt (my first try ended right after  I just barely failed parallel parking) and I was very lucky to have a cheerful person administer the test. The entire time, the woman judging my driving skills was talking about her motorcycle, hybrid cars, gas prices, and the other kids who take the test. After I was told that I passed, I couldn't stop smiling! If I had failed, it would have made for a decently bad birthday. Now, I have nothing to complain about! ... but not really. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Wishlist!

It's already the middle of the month but my birthday is still three days away so this is still relevant! 

Bags! I've been using a black vintage Coach bag for a while now and I think I'm ready to mix things up and get something fun and bright for spring. Now, I want to clarify and make it known that I don't actually get the things on these lists— I just want them. So for my birthday/April I'm really diggin' the Rebecca Minkoff Woven Mac Clutch in yellow and the See by ChloĆ© Poya bag also in yellow.

I also really need a new bathing suit! For those of you who would also like some swimwear, I would highly recommend checking out I found these two) because they have an excellent selection of things and great prices! I really like the extension and pattern on this top and the bottoms match perfectly! Definitely and upgrade from the boring bikini that I wore last year.

As I mentioned earlier, I wear jeans all the time but recently, I've been getting tired of blue. To change this up, I'm looking to get a red-orange and something with a floral print. I found these two on so there is a possibility of me going to the store and getting a pair.

Now that I pretty much only wear highwaisted skirts and I'm transitioning into highwaisted shorts, these types of tops are becoming easier to wear. I also don't really own shirts so I need a few. The structure and African print drew me into the purple one and the relaxed feminine pattern attracted me to the red one

 And lastly, jewelry Because most of the things that I want are usually plain (this list isn't a good example of that but you'll have to trust me on this one) I like getting interesting necklaces to spice up my outfits. I might to a post later on my go-to accessories and in that, it's pretty clear that I rely on necklaces more than earrings or bracelets for that.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Roses are blue, violets are red?

IT'S NAIL TIME!! Here are the nails, they never fail! They make me wanna wag my tail! When it's Friday, I want to wail "nAiL"!! (Blue's Clues is for winners)

I don't know how many times I've seen this type of design on nail related blogs and Tumblrs but it's probably about 6. Not an insane amount but enough to seriously get me interested. Upon further analyzation, I saw that contrary to previous judgements, the look was easy to accomplish. Other than a quick scare when my black nail art pen began to run out of juice, nothing went wrong. No runaway globs of polish, no opacity issues, and no misjudgments of rose size! I've gotten a lot of complements on this design (which always helps) and I think it's become one of my favorites. Will I do it again? How should I know? I usually like to mix things up but if I'm ever out of inspiration, there is a good chance that I will turn to these roses. Maybe in different colors but still, these roses. (Oh, I guess I do know if I'll do it again— but not really)

How to: paint nails a color, let it dry, add circle(y) things, add green triangles, outline the green and create "disconnected spirals" with the black.

And just as a side note— I know that by saying this everyone will see it but is anyone else bothered by my askew pointer finger? I couldn't get it to straighten when my thumb was down and now I'm concerned.

I'm pretty eager to switch it up again because I did this on Tuesday but I can't bring myself to take it off! This picture was taken earlier today so as you (no one because no one will read this) can see, my nails haven't chipped. I think the universe is looking out for me now that my birthday is ONLY FIVE DAYS AWAY(!!!).

Which reminds me, I seriously have to post some sort of birthday/wishlist. The only problem is that I have no way of creating a collage of the pictures. Bleh. Life is hard. But nails make things better. (Exhibit A ^)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop the madness!

Why do I always do this!! I've seriously been telling my self to post something for the past week but every time I open my computer, Facebook and Hulu suck me in. But not this time!

I also have really been wanting to adress the list that I created in my last post but because I'm tired and I want to get it done, I'm going to talk about most of the things and only save certain ones to have their own posts.

Oh wait, the list isn't actually that long. Instead I'll talk about this blog— where it's going and where I want it to go.

When I started the blog, I really didn't know what it would become but I didn't expect to alternate between text and nails— which reminds me, I have a nail thing to post. I expected to share more fashion related things but I think that a combination of my own laziness, lack of Photoshop and Illustrator (I had a 30 day trial but it's over now), near embarrassment in my interest in the subject, and my self doubt on my ability to know anything has prevented me from doing so. Yes, I wear clothes and I can post about that but everything I wear is boring. Do you want to know what I'm wearing? Jeans. Jeans, a simple shirt, and a black cardigan. And maybe once a week I'll wear one of the 3-5 dresses that I actually wear to school. I'm not sure if it's because of my lack of sleep but I've recently almost stopped caring about what I wear. Or maybe I've stopped caring because while I have clothing quantity, I don't have clothing quality. And maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with having interesting nails. Hmmm... things are all coming together.

I don't want to keep posting long things of text but I don't know what else to do! Without a way to edit pictures, it's hard to create wishlists or shopping guide things or any post like that. I'm seriously considering switching to vlogs on YouTube but I know that I don't have the camera, editing skills, or energy to take on that task. Also, I wouldn't be able to listen to my own voice. Ugh. I'm a mess right now. And spring break really didn't help with that. Why? Because my spring break was five days of college visits and two days of vomiting. Or something like that.

Also, this. And this.

Hopefully I can get my life back together.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A List

Please excuse the many typos that will be in this post as I am in a car writing this on an iPad. Since Friday, I have been going in college visits with my mom. So far, we have seen Barnard, NYU, Tufts, and Wellesley and now, we are on our way to see UPitt, Carnegie Mellon, and UMich. But that's not what I want to writ, what I want to write is a list. A list if things that I need to write about but havent been home to write. Here is that list: 1. The Hunger Games 2. My 'interesting' experience at NYU 3. Nail frustrations 4. April wish list 5. My birthday Things will (hopefully) get done (eventually).