Friday, March 30, 2012

Prada Flames

Hopefully, you have heard about the crazy new shoes that Prada has come out with. These shoes, in a variety of colors, styles, and functions, are adorned with cartoonish flames. And they're awesome. While I would never want to own a pair or be able to buy a pair, I can enjoy the shoe in a different way. And what do I do when I want to experience colors and patters? Nails!

 Inspired by this pair of the shoes, I did a very springy color combination. Both the blue and the pink are from the Gap which is a great place to buy nail polish because they are $6 but the store is always having sales that apply to every item.

How to complete the look:
1. Paint nails a solid color
2. Using a thin paint brush, outline where the flames will go in white and fill those in with the white. Remember to make this part a little thicker than the desired thickness of the flames.

3. Using a thin brush or a toothpick if necessary, add in the pink but remember to leave a white outline to make it pop. 
4. Apply a top coat. 

The only problem with this design is that it's really difficult to make it look steady and smooth because of the curves and the precision that is needed. I would also especially recommend giving yourself a lot of time to get it done because you won't want to rush the flames!

Quick note: the April wishlist will be a bit late because I'm going on a bunch of college visits and I won't have much time to complete it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nude Nails 2.0 and a bunch of updates

Oh boy. Once again, I've been lazy with posting. I'm always coming up with ideas for things to write on here but my problem is that I always think of things at really inconvenient times— in the shower, at school, in the car, while I'm doing homework. So this post will probably be jam-packed with the exciting things that I've been up to. And to make things easier for myself, I'm going to number them. Deal with it.

1. My Nails! 
Yes, yes. I know that it's not Friday... or even Saturday. It's Sunday! It seems like Nailday isn't really working out too well. To be honest, I did plan on doing it and I painted my nails on Friday night but it got late and I got am lazy. Remember, late is better than never! 

So as you can see, it's not very exciting. But it's still more interesting than plain beige! At first, I was going to keep it simple and go for nude nails but similar to the situation with my Valentine's Day nails, I got bored with it. To jazz things up a bit, I added gold triangle-ish things to the tips of my nails. My only disclaimer is that the flashes of gold are really distracting when I move my hands so paint with caution! 

2. LUSH!!!! 
For a while now, I have watched "beauty gurus" on YouTube talk about how much with love Lush products and I have always wanted to try them out. Well, the other day, a friend of mine mentioned that she went to the Lush store at our local mall (with is HUGE) and I was confused because I know most of the mall stores and I have never noticed Lush (once again, because the mall is HUGE). So yesterday, I went to the mall with my mom to sort out some prom dress issues and I decided that I absolutely had check out Lush. After finding a mall directory, I spotted the Lush store and headed straight to where it was. I wasn't surprised that I hadn't noticed it before because the store is located in an area that I don't usually go to. When I stepped in, I was overwhelmed. The soap! The lotion! The face masks! The solid shampoo! I wanted it all.

After testing out a few things and smelling almost everything, I ended up walking out with a soap and a solid shampoo. These products smell amazing and while I was a bit skeptical of the solid shampoo, I was impressed by it when I showered last night. I didn't expect for the shampoo to lather very well because it feels very solid—it does crumble or anything like that— and because when I rubbed it in my hands to get some bubbles, my hands had barely anything on them. But, when I started to rub my hands into my hair, THERE WERE SO MANY BUBBLES!! It lathered perfectly and I could definitely see myself using the solid shampoos from now on.

3. The Hunger Games
I'm going to keep this one short because it's less exciting than nails and soap. I haven't read the books yet but everyone seems really into them. As of now, I'm almost half way through and I'm not blown away but it but it's interesting. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll get around to a review.

4. I'm a crazy person
Last night, instead of getting work done or posting anything on here, I cleaned out my bathroom countertop. To those of you who have never been through my bathroom— so everyone except my sister who shared it with me until she left for college last September— the countertop is cluttered with half empty bottles of products that don't get used anymore and containers filled with old junk.

Now, the unused and very old products have been thrown away, the junk-filled containers have been emptied, and things are looking a little better. Also, I emptied out an organizer that was on my dresser collecting jewelry from my middle school days (junk) and moved that into my bathroom to use for nail polish storage. The top compartment now holds things like nail clippers, files, dotting tools (pens and pencils covered in nail polish), and nail art pens, and the three drawers hold the polishes, arranged by color. Top drawer: neutrals including black, white, greys, and glitter. Middle drawer: warm colors. Bottom drawer: cool colors.

I think it's because of the Lush things but I now have a really strong desire to redo my bathroom. It also doesn't help that the walls are a watermelon pink and lined at the top with a wallpaper that features sail boats and smiling suns— a tragic choice made by the people we bought the house from.

I guess I'm done for now. I could have talked about Draw Something Free or the weather but this post is getting too long. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Time Zone Difference?

I don't think Google really knows where I am. In the real world, it's Saturday March, 17 and 12:29 am. For some reason, when ever I post things, the blog stamps them as being from hours earlier so take note of the time given to this post!

Party Nails!

I know, I know! Technically, it's not Friday anymore but does it really matter? Things are really crazy for me right now so Friday/Nailday might not be 100% consistant and at least it's close to Friday!!

How I did this look:
1. Choose a few colors — I chose a red/orange, blue, orange, and purple— and complete a basic swirled design. Apply a top coat. 

2. Wait at least 30 minutes for everything to dry to ensure that this first layer won't budge.

3. Take a color that will really 'pop' against the ones that you swirled with — I chose black— and swipe upward from one end of the cuticle to the middle of the nail. During this step, don't hesitate! Because if you do, the line might end up shaky or incomplete. In that case that you mess up, see if it is possible with the polish that you are using to swipe your finger or a tissue across the nail to remove the messed up areas. If your bold polish is the right consistency and if your base layer is properly dried, this strategy should work out well because any funkiness on the sides will get covered up. 

If you need to use tape, take a small strip and line it up so that the straight end of the tape goes in the diagonal, leaving the part that will be painted over exposed. When using tape, complete one direction of the diagonal on the whole hand before moving on to the other side. Also, remember to leave adequate drying time for the first part of the negative triangle! 
**Another tape tip: touch the sticky part of the take a few times before using it to keep it from peeling off your nail polish. 

4. Finish off with a top coat!

And why "Party Nails"? Because I'm going to a semi-fancy party with my family tomorrow night  (although technically tonight) and there is no way that I would show up with out something festive on my fingertips! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DVF Awards

It seems like I'm beginning to get really lazy with this blog...

In the mean time, I am posting these pictures of me with some truly fabulous people from the Diller- von Furstenberg Awards. Enjoy!

 With Diane herself! Based on the various videos that I've seen of her in a range of settings, I expected her to be really nice and welcoming but she almost wasn't. I'm sure that she was very busy but it was surprising to see how quickly she switched from business-mode to smiling-for-a-picture mode.
 Jessica Alba! As I was about to walk to the other side of the room, Jessica Alba appeared and I pulled by mom back over to me so that she could be ready to take the picture. I wish the lighting had turned out better but hey, it's better than nothing.
 Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi! While many of my friends were freaking out about how Jessica Alba said that I looked pretty (d'awww), I was more excited about the conversation I had with Nancy Pelosi. She's such a genuinely kind and caring person so it was really great to talk to her for a few minutes before she got lost in the crowd of people trying to meet her.
And finally, Ingrid Michaelson! She performed a couple of songs at the event and I managed to take this picture when my mom and I were going into what I think was the VIP room to say 'hello' to a good friend who won one of the awards. Ingrid was just sitting on the couch eating so I introduced myself and got this picture.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Lost Two Teeth Yesterday

No, not any teeth that you would see... I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday! 
At school on Thursday, I wasn't very nervous. Everything was normal, classes were the same, and I don't think I was acting very unusually. After math (5th period) I headed to the lobby to wait for my mom. When she arrived, I went home for a few minutes and then we went to the oral surgeon. 
I had been there once before for a quick consultation where I got a 3D x-ray done, watched a cheesy video about the process of getting wisdom teeth removed, and decided to commit to the procedure. When I walked in for the second time, I was anxious. I wasn't screaming or freaking out about anything but I was definitely aware that in a few minutes, I would be hooked up to a bunch of machines, knocked out, and my gums would be cut open (ew). 
It didn't take long for my name to be called. I closed the copy of Architectural Digest that my mom and I were flipping through (Diane von Furstenberg's house is really cool), put my coat on the chair that I was sitting on, and followed the nurse behind a white door. In this area of the practice, closets with open doors were filled with IV bags, chemicals, medicines, and other things that really didn't help with my nerves. I was led into a surgery room and instructed to rinse my mouth with a blue liquid sitting in a small paper cut by the sink— not mouth wash, something stronger (and grosser). The nurses then led me to the chair/bed in the middle of the room and placed a laughing gas thing on my nose. After this, the contraption on my face blocked me from seeing what was going on and I began to panic.
Now, I've never been good with needles. And by "never been good with needles", I mean that I probably have a phobia. Not seeing what was happening meant in my head that I was going to die. My knees began shaking and my teeth started chattering. With every new monitor that was put on my arm, clamp placed on my finger, and brush of the nurses walking by and checking things, I asked in fear, "is that a needle?!". Those nurses were probably so sick of me by then because I was freaking out. Between nervous gasps I tried to explain that I didn't care about the upcoming tooth extraction and that all of my shenanigans were in anticipation to a needle that might find it's way into my arm. 
When the surgeon came in, I was frantically trying to calm down. I know, I know. That doesn't make any sense. How can you frantically calm down? Exactly. I was crazy. 
He came in and it was very clear that I wan't feeling on top of the world. He asked me if I still wanted to go through with the surgery, I thought to myself "Uh... YEAH! I don't care about what happens after I fall asleep! I just can't take needles!!!", and I answered with a simple "yes". 
Then the needle came. I had been waiting for this moment for what felt like forever and the laughing gas was proving to be useless. The surgeon told me what he was going to do and the nurse gave me her hand. Big mistake. I squeezed her hand really hard and the whole time I was thinking about how my right arm (the one getting the IV) was about to fall off and my left arm (the one that was holding onto the nurse for dear life) was being mean to the poor woman trying to comfort me. As I prayed to myself, shut my eyes, and tried to be mature, I slowly felt myself slip away from the room and the beeping of the heart monitor got quieter and quieter. 
I then found myself in recovery where a different nurse helped me onto one of the beds. I don't know how I got in that room but I have a very vague memory of transitioning from something to the bed and another memory of trying to chew on what I thought were squishy teeth but what I later realized was just gauze— this would be the drugs wearing off. 
After lying down, I got to sleep. I have a feeling that I was dreaming some pretty strange things and that I woke up a few times because of the strange things that I saw but I have no idea what actually happened and what didn't. Also, I think I was singing to myself for a little bit. Then, I saw my mom again and tried to explain to her what had happened. Despite the sign that I pointed out to her that prohibited taking pictures or video, she whipped out her iPhone, pointed it at me, and told me to repeat what I had just said. While I was talking, I honestly thought that I was acting totally normal. In fact, the second video ends with me repeating "I'm not crazy" about five times in an effort to convince my mom that I was back to my regular self. 
After a talk about how to take care of me at home, my mom and a nurse led me to the car and I fell asleep with an icepack on my face. After getting home, I plopped myself on the couch. Luckily, my face wasn't very swollen and I was pretty much conscious by 5pm. The biggest issue to me was that I couldn't feel my chin until this morning. 
All in all, it went well and while I wish I could eat more than applesauce and rice, I'm glad that I got my wisdom teeth out before they grew more. 

Leap Day!

Yes, it's not leap day anymore but it's Friday so that means NAILS!! 
I did this nail design in honor of the Leap Day colors assigned by the 30 Rock episode from last week (blue and yellow) but it was way too bright for me so it only lasted a couple of days.

Also, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday! I only had two on the bottom— lucky me— so everything was fine and I don't have much swelling right now.

March Wishlist

An awkward combination of the cold weather being experienced now and the aching desire for spring to arrive! 
Cable Knit Sweater