Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm not much of a tweeter but on presidential debate nights and especially tonight, I love twitter!!! Most of what I enjoy are the jokes (I had a good time scrolling through "binders full of women" comments) but it's also really useful when your parents send you up to your bedroom to do homework but statistics isn't as interesting as the leader of the free world.

On top of all that twitter, this is the first election when I really know what's going on. In 2008, I was an 8th grader, vague about issues and taking in all of my information from The Daily Show. Now, I'm 5 months away from being an adult (GAHHHH!!!! I want to vote!!) and because I drive myself to school, I got a dose of NPR almost every morning. I really care this time about the issues and the outcome of the election.

I'm not sure what time this will post as but it's 10:35 PM and I am getting really anxious about the Congressional campaigns. People always wonder why voting matters because there are 300+ million people in this country and one vote won't make Obama or Romney win but WHAT ABOUT THE LOCAL ELECTIONS!?! Those are so important for deciding how Congress votes, state legislature, state Supreme Court, gerrymander, and so much more!! Voting shows candidates the proportion of how many citizens believe in certain causes— why else would someone vote for a third party candidate? Do they really think that Jill Stein will be come president? No! They vote for her to show that they care about the environment, social causes, and peace!

Anyway.... I actually do have to get that statistics done so I'll have to leave but there will definitely be an election reaction post. Maybe not definitely. I'll at least write it in my head.

Yay Elizabeth Warren!

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