Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook Official

Teenagers know that a relationship is not official until it has been publicly announced on Facebook. Well, I am proud to announce that as of a few seconds ago, my blog and I are Facebook official and I guess I can't stop posting things now that the whole world (919 people) are now about to find out about this blog via my personal page. 

But... I do have one confession. Being that this blog is mostly so that I have something to do after school other than paint Post-It notes solid colors, I deleted the announcement of my new relationship on my profile. Wimpy, I know. But I wouldn't go up to the hundreds of my "friends" that I never talk to and tell them about this little project so why should I do that online? Sure, I would love to be one of those super cool blogger girls who gets invited to things that famous people go to but for now, I'll stick to developing this idea and giving it little more personality. Because I'm not about to go around handing out business cards with my blog info on them. 

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