Monday, January 30, 2012

How did that happen?

Hmm.... I'm not sure what is happening but it seems that internet users in Ukraine and Germany have found this blog. How you (no one) ask? Really, I don't know. Considering that I've posted two things so far, an intro and a nail tutorial, I don't see why or how anyone could find this interesting. Well, if you are reading, hello from America!

I'm not going to get ahead of myself and call it overnight success but I think that if this map isn't lying, it's an interesting look at how the world is changing. Just think, a girl from suburban Pennsylvania has posted a few paragraphs on the internet and now some map provided by the wonderful services offered by Google is highlighting two countries that I don't have a connection to. Assuming that the map is telling the truth— although I'm not sure if maps are known for intentionally lying— I'm curious to know how these people came to click on this blog. My guess is that they were looking for nail art tutorials because I highly doubt they were wondering why I started this little thing. It is so strange to think that before my parents got married, they weren't using the internet every time they forgot the name of a celebrity or wanted to learn more about the native species in Peru (not that these things are particularly necessary in most situations) and now, about 20 years later, I can look up whatever I want and so can almost everyone else in the developed world. For example, yesterday I went on the Wikipedia page for the Powerpuff Girls episodes, searched the page for certain key words, found what I was looking for, looked up the episode on Youtube, found it, and posted that link on a friend's Facebook wall. Why would anyone need that specific PPG episode? I'm not sure. But it connected me to so many things. Maybe someone in Europe searched something, found it, and shared that with a friend, who shared that with a friend, and so on.

I know that these ideas about how the world is now so connected and available aren't anything new but this way of applying it so personally was really eye-opening. Because people half way around the world have been connected with me without me knowing about it until now.

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