Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DVF Awards

It seems like I'm beginning to get really lazy with this blog...

In the mean time, I am posting these pictures of me with some truly fabulous people from the Diller- von Furstenberg Awards. Enjoy!

 With Diane herself! Based on the various videos that I've seen of her in a range of settings, I expected her to be really nice and welcoming but she almost wasn't. I'm sure that she was very busy but it was surprising to see how quickly she switched from business-mode to smiling-for-a-picture mode.
 Jessica Alba! As I was about to walk to the other side of the room, Jessica Alba appeared and I pulled by mom back over to me so that she could be ready to take the picture. I wish the lighting had turned out better but hey, it's better than nothing.
 Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi! While many of my friends were freaking out about how Jessica Alba said that I looked pretty (d'awww), I was more excited about the conversation I had with Nancy Pelosi. She's such a genuinely kind and caring person so it was really great to talk to her for a few minutes before she got lost in the crowd of people trying to meet her.
And finally, Ingrid Michaelson! She performed a couple of songs at the event and I managed to take this picture when my mom and I were going into what I think was the VIP room to say 'hello' to a good friend who won one of the awards. Ingrid was just sitting on the couch eating so I introduced myself and got this picture.

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  1. Wow! That's so cool that you got to meet them! Hope you follow me back at fashionhauties.blogspot.com :)