Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Nails!

I know, I know! Technically, it's not Friday anymore but does it really matter? Things are really crazy for me right now so Friday/Nailday might not be 100% consistant and at least it's close to Friday!!

How I did this look:
1. Choose a few colors — I chose a red/orange, blue, orange, and purple— and complete a basic swirled design. Apply a top coat. 

2. Wait at least 30 minutes for everything to dry to ensure that this first layer won't budge.

3. Take a color that will really 'pop' against the ones that you swirled with — I chose black— and swipe upward from one end of the cuticle to the middle of the nail. During this step, don't hesitate! Because if you do, the line might end up shaky or incomplete. In that case that you mess up, see if it is possible with the polish that you are using to swipe your finger or a tissue across the nail to remove the messed up areas. If your bold polish is the right consistency and if your base layer is properly dried, this strategy should work out well because any funkiness on the sides will get covered up. 

If you need to use tape, take a small strip and line it up so that the straight end of the tape goes in the diagonal, leaving the part that will be painted over exposed. When using tape, complete one direction of the diagonal on the whole hand before moving on to the other side. Also, remember to leave adequate drying time for the first part of the negative triangle! 
**Another tape tip: touch the sticky part of the take a few times before using it to keep it from peeling off your nail polish. 

4. Finish off with a top coat!

And why "Party Nails"? Because I'm going to a semi-fancy party with my family tomorrow night  (although technically tonight) and there is no way that I would show up with out something festive on my fingertips! 


  1. Oh, this nail idea is so cool! (sorry for my English but I'm from Swizerland :D ) It would be nice, if you have a look on my Blog! (was it right?)hihi


  2. This is awesome- I'm a perfectionist when it comes to nails so this look will take some practice, but I'm gonna try!, :)