Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Halloween (but not yet)

I felt the need to share the most hilarious video in the world...

I love Molly and Shamikah (the two girls in the video) so much and I'm fairly certain I've seen all of them but this one has to be my favorite. The relevance! The honesty! The costumes! It's 100% fantastic and necessary for everyone to watch and share.

Also, I'm having a Halloween problem! I usually decide my costume during the first week of November of the previous year (because I'm that into costumes) and last year, I decided that I would be Frida Kahlo because I already have the dark hair and I could have the unibrow and mustache if I let everything grow out but now I'm seeing that costume everywhere! While I don't want my Halloween plans to be destroyed by blogs and videos, I also don't want to go the easy way out and pick such as obvious costume.

Another thing, my plan B was a Cluelessesque outfit decked with plaid, crop tops, and knee socks but now that's all over R29 and TMR too! (girl problems) And I can't just have a boring costume... I've gone so long without buying a costume and there is absolutely no chance that I'm going to start now.

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