Monday, October 8, 2012

The Most Hilarious Thing That Happened to Me Today

As you may be able to guess, high school isn't very funny. It can be fun and interesting, as I think a lot of my classes are, but I don't find myself laughing out loud on a daily basis. Today after school, I had one of those rare hilarious moments when I was working on graphics for my school's newspaper. I was in the newspaper room (a glorified closet lined with computers on one side and a whiteboard on the other) when my friend and I, the paper's Managing Editor, decided that the keyboards are too gross for use. To give a bit of context, we use iMacs meaning that the keys are supposed to be pure white but after years of grubby fingers clacking away at them, the keys are more or less all turned a grayish beige. Ew.

We told a junior who was in the room to go into a teacher's room (not some random room, she is the paper's teacher advisor) and get some disinfectant wipes. So he did and my friend and I started cleaning each keyboard, key by key. The results were amazing— pure white and clean in minutes!

But that wasn't what made me laugh. The funny part happened after we were done.

Upon seeing the newly cleaned devices, my friend proclaimed, "they look like new!" and in response, as a wiped down one last remaining smudge, I sang "And it's like the sky is new!" from a song in the spectacular movie Tangled. As I finished the line and wiped down the last key, that song, the very song whose line I sang, started playing!!

We were both shocked. And laughing— falling over each other in disbelief. After some investigating, I saw that on the computer attached to the keyboard that I was wiping, only one song was saved onto iTunes and it happened to be "I See the Light".

It was amazing and while I sometimes blame that paper for taking up my free periods, complicating my class schedule, and giving me more stress, I cannot deny that it has gifted me with some pretty fantastic memories.... like listening to a guy at a local Blues Fest this past weekend talk about why he's a "Romney birther" while I was just trying to get people to donate money to the paper (and trying not to laugh with my fellow designer by chewing on ice while he spoke).

If you aren't obsessed with Tangled, it's because you haven't seen it. 

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