Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preparing for a great birthday

This post is going to be very short but I wanted to share that I GOT MY LICENSE! and I painted festive (birthday) nails yesterday. 

So first, the nails. I've been digging Make My Day, which is a nail blog/artist/company thing (I honestly don't know what it is). The designs on the website are so interesting to look at and while I'm clearly not the best at designs that rely on being precise, I thought I would try one of the simpler designs.  

To complete the look, I started by painting my nails a very very very very light green (almost white) and then I went in with one color at a time to do the chevrons.

And my license— the test went surprisingly well! It was my second attempt (my first try ended right after  I just barely failed parallel parking) and I was very lucky to have a cheerful person administer the test. The entire time, the woman judging my driving skills was talking about her motorcycle, hybrid cars, gas prices, and the other kids who take the test. After I was told that I passed, I couldn't stop smiling! If I had failed, it would have made for a decently bad birthday. Now, I have nothing to complain about! ... but not really. 

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