Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Wishlist!

It's already the middle of the month but my birthday is still three days away so this is still relevant! 

Bags! I've been using a black vintage Coach bag for a while now and I think I'm ready to mix things up and get something fun and bright for spring. Now, I want to clarify and make it known that I don't actually get the things on these lists— I just want them. So for my birthday/April I'm really diggin' the Rebecca Minkoff Woven Mac Clutch in yellow and the See by Chlo√© Poya bag also in yellow.

I also really need a new bathing suit! For those of you who would also like some swimwear, I would highly recommend checking out I found these two) because they have an excellent selection of things and great prices! I really like the extension and pattern on this top and the bottoms match perfectly! Definitely and upgrade from the boring bikini that I wore last year.

As I mentioned earlier, I wear jeans all the time but recently, I've been getting tired of blue. To change this up, I'm looking to get a red-orange and something with a floral print. I found these two on so there is a possibility of me going to the store and getting a pair.

Now that I pretty much only wear highwaisted skirts and I'm transitioning into highwaisted shorts, these types of tops are becoming easier to wear. I also don't really own shirts so I need a few. The structure and African print drew me into the purple one and the relaxed feminine pattern attracted me to the red one

 And lastly, jewelry Because most of the things that I want are usually plain (this list isn't a good example of that but you'll have to trust me on this one) I like getting interesting necklaces to spice up my outfits. I might to a post later on my go-to accessories and in that, it's pretty clear that I rely on necklaces more than earrings or bracelets for that.

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